Our theme for this website is Gaudi – an immensely creative genius, a person who was very conservative in his own life, with a boundless imagination, who produced results in his profession, architecture, that are were, distinct and lasting. فيزا افتراضية كاش يو All of this was done within the bounds of the laws of gravity and science. He built truly functional, not merely decorative works.

Gaudi is an appropriate inspirational figure for all of us, who within a need to focus on functional and solid preparation and results, can let inspiration and creativity, and rejection of dogma, habit and accepted wisdom, make a key difference in the results for our clients. If we have new approaches, we can say, “why not?” instead of “why?” and “how could this work in practice? موقع البايير ” rather than “this won’t work because … موقع بى اوت كيو “;

If you are not familiar with him, you may find more on his life and works at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaudi.